Girl at the Grave – Teri Bailey Black

Feavers Crossing, Connecticut 1849 “The whole head is sick,” the Reverend Mr. Oliver read with gravity. “And the whole heart faint.” A tuft of his soft gray hair stuck up at the back of his head, wobbling like a feather, and I wished I could smooth it for him. The rector was an awkward, dreamy-eyed […]

Gingerbread and Deadly Dread – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Mostly I see those of the furry dearly departed variety, but last month I saw a bona fide once-upon-a human. It was my good friend Everett’s father, and he, like his dearly departed predecessors, was here to warn of some unfortunate soul’s impending doom. But at the moment, I’m not looking […]

Ghosts Like It Hot – Erin McCarthy

THERE IS an Irish proverb that states “Your feet will take you where your heart is.” Well, my frozen feet were taking me to Florida, where the temperatures were hot and the term “polar vortex” didn’t exist. After a winter in Cleveland that gave new meaning to the phrase “this sucks” my boyfriend Jake and […]

Genesis – Robin Cook

It was a cold, raw, windy, and heavily overcast March night on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Although the spring equinox was soon to arrive, winter had not given up. As evidence, a few wayward snowflakes swirled down out of the low cloud cover, which was churning like a witch’s brew. With the temperature […]

From This Moment – Elizabeth Camden

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS MARCH 1897 Romulus White stood motionless in the crowded ballroom, staring at a woman he’d once longed for more than his next breath of air. It was not a pleasant experience, especially since Laura stood alongside her doting husband. Even from a distance, her copper-red hair gleamed in the candlelight and made her […]

Friend Request – Laura Marshall

There are so many people I want to thank: My agent Felicity Blunt, for believing in me and in this book, and for the editorial insights that transformed my story. My brilliant editor Lucy Malagoni, for making my introduction to the world of publishing such an absolute pleasure, and the whole team at Little, Brown […]

Freefall – Jessica Barry

Breathe. Breathe. My eyes open. A canopy of trees above. A flock of birds stare down before taking flight. I survived. He might have, too. I have to see. I pick my way through the wreckage on bare feet. Where are my shoes? It doesn’t matter. Bits of twisted metal everywhere. One of the wings […]

Fragments of the Lost – Megan Miranda

There’s no light in the narrow stairway to the third floor. There’s no handrail, either. Just wooden steps and plaster walls that were probably added in an attic renovation long ago. The door above remains shut, but there’s a sliver of light that escapes through the bottom, coming from inside. He must’ve left the window […]

Fractured Truth – Susan Furlong

I blinked, shook my head, and blinked again. Either I’d had too much whiskey, or a headless chicken hung before me. My eyes skimmed the skeletal tree branches bent with the weight of not just one, but several shriveled carcasses, their scrawny legs tethered together, claws curled under, white wings limp and splayed outward like […]

Four Hearts – Belle Brooks

I dip my head and lower my body until I’m sliding across the back seat of the car. The belt meets the buckle, and I jolt from the sound. My heart shatters all over again. I’m never going to be the same man I was before. The car door opens on the opposite side to […]

Forget Her Name – Jane Holland

Through the glass, everything is white, white, white. The winding road into the village resort, the Swiss chalets in the distance, the ski slopes, the high Alps beyond, all of them laced with thick, deep, white snow like a Christmas postcard. Leaning both hands against the chill window frame, I press the tip of my […]

For the Birds – Denise Grover Swank

hadn’t intended to start off my day with a hostage negotiation, much less for it to happen at my landscaping company. “Just put the gun down, and nobody gets hurt.” “But he took Mr. Bearington!” my niece Ashley said, pointing a water gun at her brother. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes had filled […]

For Better and Worse – Margot Hunt

Seventeen Years Earlier On their first date, Will took Natalie to a cozy French bistro in uptown New Orleans. The restaurant was painted a dark, moody red and had gilt-framed mirrors on the walls that reflected the candles that flickered on every table. It was a popular eatery and every table was full, even on […]

Fool Me Once – Harlan Coben

They buried Joe three days after his murder. Maya wore black, as befitted a grieving widow. The sun pounded down with an unflagging fury that reminded her of her months in the desert. The family pastor spouted the clichés, but Maya wasn’t listening. Her eyes drifted to the schoolyard across the street. Yes, the cemetery […]

Follow Me – Sara Shepard

IT WAS THE perfect day for a party. The summer afternoon was a temperate seventy-nine degrees, the sky was cloudless, and the Atlantic crashed hypnotically down the bluffs. He got ready, dressing in linen pants, a fitted white polo, and broken-in leather flip-flops. As he splashed water onto his cheeks, he saw a refined, debonair […]

Five Fights – Belle Brooks

I sit watching the hands on the clock rotate slowly, so slowly it appears they don’t move at all. 3:40 a.m., and still no word. Not a whisper. Nothing. Shaky breaths part my lips. My jaw clenches tight at the same time as my hands. My stomach rolls like a tidal wave, then knots into […]

First Blood – Angela Marsons

‘Are you scared yet?’ I ask, peering down into your soulless eyes. You are prostrate and trapped. This time it’s you that is helpless. If not for the gag in your mouth what would your last words be? I wonder. Would you beg for forgiveness? Would you plead for your life? Would you make promises? […]

Finders Keepers – Stephen King

Wake up, genius.’ Rothstein didn’t want to wake up. The dream was too good. It featured his first wife months before she became his first wife, seventeen and perfect from head to toe. Naked and shimmering. Both of them naked. He was nineteen, with grease under his fingernails, but she hadn’t minded that, at least […]

Final Shadows – Kay Hooper

Wake up. You need to wake up. Henry, you have to wake up. They’re going to kill you. Henry McCord had a lifetime of practice in hiding the fact that he saw dead people. A medium, that’s what it was called. He’d been a medium for thirty-six years, more or less. He could actually remember […]

Final Girls – Riley Sager

Pine Cottage, 1 a.m. The forest had claws and teeth. All those rocks and thorns and branches bit at Quincy as she ran screaming through the woods. But she didn’t stop. Not when rocks dug into the soles of her bare feet. Not when a whip-thin branch lashed her face and a line of blood […]

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