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City of the Lost – Kelley Armstrong

“I killed a man,” I say to my new therapist. I’ve barely settled onto the couch … which isn’t a couch at all, but a chaise lounge that looked inviting and proved horribly uncomfortable. Like therapy itself. I’ve caught her off guard with that opening line, but I’ve been through this before with other therapists. […]

Alone in the Wild – Kelley Armstrong

I wake buried under a hundred and forty pounds of dog. Storm knows she’s not allowed on the bed, so I lie there, brain slowly churning, until I remember I’m not in bed. I’m on the ground. Cold, hard winter ground—the floor of a tent that is definitely not big enough for two adults and […]

Aftermath – Kelley Armstrong

Make the ef ort, Skye. And it does take actual effort, like answering an exam question on a subject I’ve never taken. Me: Thai. Her: Excellent! See you at 7. Maybe 7:30. Snacks in fridge! I head for the kitchen and open the fridge. It’s this massive stainless steel locker so big I have to […]

A Darkness Absolute – Kelley Armstrong

We’ve been tracking Shawn Sutherland for almost two hours when the blizzard strikes. That’s the common phrasing. A storm hits. A blizzard strikes. Like a left hook out of nowhere. Except that’s not how it usually happens. There’s always warning. The wind picks up. The sky darkens. At the very least, you sense a weight […]

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